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The Story Behind, Mr Collectable

Mr Collectable is a small family-owned pop culture online retailer based in Melbourne that sells various merchandise for anime, video games, and pop culture series. From a young age, Mr Collectable enjoyed being surrounded by like-minded people who enjoyed playing board games, trading cards, or discussing the latest trends happening in the pop culture world. Mr Collectable fell in love with Pokemon, Digimon, and Dragon ball Z when it first aired on Cheez TV, and from there, his love for anime and pop culture continued to grow. Mr Collectable's passion for collecting and trading started with Pokémon TCG, Yu-Gi-Oh TCG, and Dragon Ball Z Tazos, from there his obsession, grew to collecting a variety of different action figures. 

Fast forward to today, Mr Collectable's passion hasn't died out, we started our business as an online Ebay store, collecting and trading, and moved on to an official e-commerce business that specializes in a variety of collectable goods. We love to see other people get excited when they are immersed in their favorite series and we LOVE even more when people share their stories of how they started their journey in the collectable world.

Here at Mr Collectable, our vision is to provide all our clients a one-stop shop for all the best hobby goods the world has to offer, we want everyone to share their story with us even if it's pure excitementover the latest DC, Marvel or yourfavourite anime tv show.

We love our loyal clients and are always open to discussing our products! Please reach out and get in touch with us if you'd like to chat or have any questions.


‣ Nicholas (Aka Mr Collectable)

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