Pokegrade Deluxe Mystery Box

Disclaimer: Graded Pokemon Cards are randomly inserted.
As per the nature of this style of Mystery Box, there is no guarantee that you will receive the full cost back in contents value, as there are chances to obtain cards that would increase the value substantially over the purchase price. The value of $50 AUD is based on the RRP value of a Pokemon tin at $20 AUD and the minimum cost of a graded Pokemon card at $30 AUD.
This mystery box may contain graded cards valued at over $100. We have designed this box to be cost-effective for our customers, ensuring you get great value and maximum enjoyment for your money.

Please note: The Incineroar graded Pokemon card shown is for illustration purposes only and may not represent the actual items in the mystery box. Pokemon tins are completely new, sealed, and selected at random.

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