Should You Buy The New Dragon Ball Super Card Game Ultimate Deck 2023?

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2023 DBSCG Ultimate Deck featuring silver foil cards, Goku Black leader, and Z03 booster pack

If you're a fan of Dragon Ball Super Card Game (DBSCG), you've likely heard the buzz around the new 2023 Ultimate Deck. It's generating quite a stir among both new players and the long-standing DBSCG community. But is it worth the hype? Let's dive in and examine what this deck has to offer.

Power-Packed Deck for Competitive Gameplay

The new Dragon Ball Super Card Game Ultimate Deck 2023 is not just a deck; it's a powerhouse. It's been designed to rival even the best Meta Decks out there, making it a must-have for both rookies and experienced players.

This deck packs a punch with a staggering 58-card set, all silver foil, and even includes a Z03 booster pack to kickstart your collection. Among the highlights is the user-favorite leader Goku Black, The Bringer of Despair from BT2. He's back for the Z-Card meta, ready to take part in tournaments right from the word go.

A Collector's Dream

The Ultimate Deck isn't just about gameplay; it's also a treat for collectors. Each deck boasts 13 new card types, including 3 Z-Cards, and a full 7-card Z-Deck, allowing players to fully embrace the ZENKAI Series gameplay.

New Packaging Design

The 2023 Ultimate Deck isn't just about what's inside the box; the box itself is a part of the experience. The deck features a completely new package design and size, designed to make a visual impact and stand out on your shelf.

Chance to Discover Rare Cards

But here's the part that takes the excitement to a whole new level. Each deck includes a random silver and gold foil card version of a Leader (1 type) or Z-Card (3 types). And if you're lucky, you might stumble upon an all-holographic God Deck, a first for DBSCG. These rare finds are sure to make both competitive players and collectors eager to make multiple purchases in the hunt for max rarities.

Verdict: A Deck Worth Buying

So, should you buy the new Dragon Ball Super Card Game Ultimate Deck 2023? We'd say it's a resounding yes. Whether you're a competitive player looking to make a splash in tournaments or a collector hunting for the next rarity, this deck has something to offer.

And the best part? You can get your hands on the Dragon Ball Super Card Game Ultimate Deck 2023 right here in our store. Start your journey to become the ultimate DBSCG player or add to your collection with this power-packed deck today.

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